Why you need ZevA for your Jeeva?


With the origin of technology in metropolitan cities, booking a doctor to home is a smarter and a convenient way rather than visiting the clinic/hospital. In case of an emergency or in case of heavy specialized equipment that cannot be availed in your house, visiting the doctor at their clinic or hospital is ideal.

Avail the facility from ZevA with a click of a button and get treated at the comfort of your home. Read further to know when you should consider ZevA and why you need ZevA in your Jeeva.

When You Or Loved One is Literally Sick to Move

When you are having a high temperature of 102 degrees, even moving seems like the hardest job in the world. Distressing as this sounds, it could happen during a number of illnesses including jaundice, dengue, typhoid, malaria etc. During this time, ZevA app would be your ideal companion.

You can simply book a doctor in real-time through ZevA app and get treated  at the comfort of your bed as you can sip some herbal tea which is better than waiting in a long queue at a crowded clinic or hospital.

When You Love Your Parents/Elders Way Too Much

Elders when they fall sick find it extremely inconvenient to go outdoors and visit doctors. If you are busy at the office and cannot accompany your parents to the hospital/clinic, you can use ZevA app to book a medical companion to accompany your parents to the hospital or depending on their medical condition you can also book a doctor to visit your home for treatment.

Imagine the relief you will get to have a trusted clinician see your elderly parents, especially those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or those just requiring a general check-up every now and then at home.

When Time is More Valuable Than Money

If you think time is money, booking a clinician through ZevA app is the best choice for you. Even if one suffers from a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension where one has to consult a doctor frequently, having a doctor visit them at home is a better option. Why because, just think about all the time you will save by avoiding the traffic and waiting for long hours until your token number is called out.

To sum-up as a whole ZevA is a go-to app for you and your family, which features the following.

  • Connect with Healthcare professionals with the touch of a button
    • Have services rendered at your home, office or a location of your choice
  • Convenient Health care rendered to your family and friends
    • Book and have healthcare services delivered on your behalf
  • 24/7 Services
    • Medical practitioners are available at time of your need
  • Transact with Ease and Transparency
    • Pay online, pay per published rates. No hidden charges
  • Experience medical service at your convenience
    • No waiting for your turn to meet your medical practitioner, the practitioner comes to you