Easy Ways for Keeping kids hydrated during summers

Keeping kids hydrated during summer

We all are aware of the dehydration problems during the summer season. It is a matter of concern as dehydration can cause fatal diarrhea, dizziness and weakness in a healthy person’s body. Being an adult we can take measures to keep our body hydrated but the scenario changes when it comes to keeping kids hydrated during summers. Moreover, during the summer season, it is much harder to keep the body hydrated as our body loses water faster because of the summer heat and sweating.

Kids require extra attention during this season as they get busy in their activities and forget to take enough fluids. Besides, by the time they start feeling thirsty they are already at least 3 percent dehydrated. Therefore, we need to follow a specific routine during summers so that our kids don’t get dehydrated.

Keep in sight for these common symptoms of dehydration

  • Dizziness or headache
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Dry mouth and lips
  • Irritability
  • Lack of sweat
  • Feeling cold
  • Less frequent or dark urination
  • Pale skin

Keeping Kids hydrated during sports or activities

Kids lose water faster when they are outside and playing so it is necessary to maintain hydration to avoid falling sick.

  • To avoid dehydration along with keeping kids hydrated during summers sports activities it is essential that they should be hydrated before and after their game. Give them enough amount of water/ juice at least one hour before any sports activity.
  • Avoid giving energy drinks/ Soda- As the name suggests energy drinks are meant to provide an instant energy boost to your body but it might have a negative effect during the summer season. These drinks contain caffeine which dehydrates the body faster than normal rate and therefore your kids might feel dizzy after drinking it.
  • Keep short breaks- Ensure that your kids take sufficient short breaks to relax and cool down during their gameplay. It is often noticed that kids overlook being thirsty during gameplay or taking enough breaks for hydration, as a result, they get dehydrated.
  • Get your child in the habit of drinking fluids, water or natural sports drink every 20 minutes during a hot summer day. Studies show that children are found to be dehydrated even after the availability of enough water and drinks during gameplay.

Water intake required for kids :

  • 1-3 year-olds: 3.5 cups per day
  • 4-8 year-olds: 5 cups per day
  • 9-13 year-olds: 6.5-7 cups per day

Staying Hydrated at home

As elders and parents, you need to take certain steps to keep kids and toddlers hydrated at home.

  • Keep water accessible-Make sure to keep water accessible to kids. Ensure availability of cups near the water.
  • Keep a tab on water intake- Make a chart or keep a checklist on your fridge to measure the amount of fluid intake by your kids.
  • Don’t just drink, but eat water- Along with fluids, juices, etc. you can make staying hydrated fun by including hydrating fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
  1. Include veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce in your daily meal for better health and hydration for your entire family.
  2. Go for clear vegetable soups during the summer season. Try out the cucumber, cilantro, lemon cool soups for the summer evening refreshment. These soups are a great way to include liquid in your diet along with loads of nutrition.
  3. Cool Snacks- Nothing can interest kids more than frozen popsicles as snacks. A fun idea is to hide nutrition in these cool popsicles. Fruit puree mixed with coconut water served as popsicle is an excellent choice to provide lost electrolytes to the body. Frozen fruits, berries, watermelons, kiwi can be served as snack time delicacy. These frozen treats have high water content and their rich flavor make them more appealing to kids.
  • Another good practice is to keep a waterbottle/milk on the study table of your kids so that whenever they feel thirst they can have a sip.

Keeping Hydrated @ Outside

Now that we know how to keep kids hydrated at home or during sports let us have a look at important factors of keeping kids hydrated during summers while going out on a hot summer day. You can take care of your child’s hydration at home but how to maintain it when going out on a trip, picnic or drive.

  • Assign reusable water bottles to each kid so that they can carry them whenever going outside to play, cycling or meet friends.
  • Keep bottles labeled and always full. Add fresh fruits or go for an infuser water bottle for adding fun to water.
  • During school hours you can put frozen fruit ice cubes in water to give them cool fruity flavored water.
  • Put your kids a habit of refilling their water bottle once it reaches a certain level.

How does ZevA helps?

In this hot summer, hydration should be our top concern, not only for kids but also for adults. For good health and hydration, it is a must to follow a proper diet plan. Include all the necessary nutrients, fibers and electrolytes required for the proper functioning of the body during the summer season. A healthy diet will keep you and your family away from diseases and sickness leading to a happy family. You can now consult a dietician at the comfort of your home through ZevA app.