7 Early Symptoms Of Kidney Problems You Should Know

7 Early symptoms of kidney problems

Our kidneys are very important organs of the body performing complex mechanism. They have two primary functions of blood purification and waste elimination. Although they are small and has a total weight-age of 0.5% of the total body weight in an average adult, one cannot survive without this organ. Therefore, it is extremely important to interpret these early symptoms of kidney problems and take good care of your kidneys to avoid chronic kidney diseases.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two main causes of kidneys disease. People having any of these problems need to be extra careful and should adapt healthy routine and habits for keeping kidneys healthy.

Keep an eye out for these common and generally neglected signs of having a bad kidney.
  1. Fatigue: Fatigue is a condition in which a person often feels tired (literally all the time).  There are several other related symptoms such as feeling dizzy, weak, having shortness of breath occasionally, fainting, less energy. This condition is called anemia and is caused when kidneys fail to produce enough EPO (a hormone responsible for making oxygen carrying red blood cells). Thus, because of lesser oxygen supply our brain and muscles feel tired frequently which in turn makes it difficult to concentrate or work.
  2. Feeling too cold: Do you experience sudden chills in your body while sitting in a warm environment? Feeling too much cold all the time is also a condition related to anemia.
  3. Foamy Urine: Another kidney disease symptom is having foamy or bubbles in your urine. This is caused when our kidneys are not able to filter properly and there is high amount of protein in your urine.
  4. Swollen face or puffy eyes: In case your under-eye creams are not working and none of your beauty products/ serums are able to reduce the puffiness, take it as one of the warning signs of kidney disease. This is caused when kidney’s start failing to remove extra fluid and eliminates useful proteins needed for the body.
  5. Having dry and itchy skin: Not so obvious but a true one. Kidney’s remove waste material and fluids from our body and when they fail to do so excess amount of waste resides in our body. This leads to unbalanced amount of vitamins and minerals in body. This is a severe condition and it is best to go for a kidney test as soon as you can.
  6. Bad appetite and upset stomach: This general symptom is often related to stomach problem and is widely ignored by most of the people. Excess toxins buildup which is a result of reduced kidney functions leads to this condition.
  7. Swollen ankles/feet:  Excess sodium retention inside the body is the major cause of swollen parts. When kidneys fail to filter the excess sodium from the body our lower body parts chiefly gets affected and swollen.
How to reduce the risk after you sense early symptoms of kidney problems?
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Take vitamin c supplements and fruits.
  • Take probiotic drinks
  • Include garlic, apples, cauliflower, cabbage, pepper in your diet.
  • Control your meat intake
  • Drink cranberry or parsley juice

When is the right time to visit a doctor?

  Chronic kidney disease symptoms include blood in urine, frequently urinating, Ammonia breath etc. Consulting a doctor is always the right to do in case of any health issues. It is widely said, better safe than sorry. Home remedies can be beneficial in preventing any kidney infection or diseases if the early symptoms of kidney problems are interpreted properly. If the condition does not improve within few days of remedies implementation it is wise to consult your doctor immediately.

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